KENNY KO talks social media and body image issues.

In the world of fitness, social media has played a major role in developing a revenue stream for young athletes looking to make it as a fitness models, bodybuilders, and more. These days if you’re just an average Joe who enjoys fitness as well as Instagram, then it’s likely that a ton of these fitness personalities are flooding your media stream, pictures and videos popping constantly showcasing these individuals at their best.

But like most anything, surfing fitness social media accounts can eventually have diminishing returns. Rather than building self confidence and self worth, people can become disillusioned, believing that certain physiques are simply something they can’t attain.

The reality is that social media can give people body image issues, even the competitive bodybuilders and fitness models themselves. In one of his recent posts, KENNY KO tackles the issue of body image in the fitness industry and what kind of effect it can have on the average Joe and Jane looking idolizing their favorite fitness icons.

Do you agree with KENNY KO and his assessment on the current state of social media in the fitness industry.

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