Preview clip from our upcoming Kai Greene interview reveals a very interesting villain name in the Chronicles of King Kai.

Earlier today we announced the news that Kai Greene has finally unveiled the first edition of his graphic novel – ‘Chronicles of King Kai.’ We were lucky enough to catch up with Kai at the New York Comic Con and ask him a little about the release and what we can expect.

You can look forward to the full interview next week – but for now we wanted to share a little sneak preview from the interview mostly because… well, because there’s an interesting piece of information we learned about story of ‘Chronicles of King Kai.’

When asked who the villain is in the graphic novel, Kai was at first coy before telling us the villain’s name. The name: Price Heath-rah. Sounds sort of familiar doesn’t it? Sort of like a very real person’s arch rival in bodybuilding?

Check out the preview clip above and our reaction to the villain’s name.


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