Larry Wheels is an absolute monster!

Powerlifting is all about being as strong as possible. But despite that fact, there are indeed powerlifters out there that also focus on aesthetics as well. Larry Wheels is in fact one of those individuals who has combined strength focused training with aesthetic muscle building to become the premier powerbuilder of his generation. Like Stan Efferding before him, Larry Wheels is hoping to become the world’s strongest Pro bodybuilder and from the looks of things he’s well on his way.

Recently, Larry Wheels smashed his personal record deadlift by lifting an astounding 870 Lbs at a body weight of 270. The feat was truly impressive to behold and showcased the young powerbuilder’s superhuman strength. But Larry Wheels isn’t one to rest on his laurels. Rather than basking in the accolades of his impressive achievement, Larry Wheels is already looking to outdo himself.

A recent post on Instagram shows the powerbuilder once again looking to set a personal record in the deadlift, this time upping the weight to 900 Lbs! Take a look at the impressive feat in the video clip below.

What do you think of Larry Wheels and his show of superhuman strength?

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