Lee Priest gets candid about the perception of drug use in bodybuilding.

Lee Priest has been a very vocal and blunt force in the bodybuilding world for years now. It’s part of his appeal and why he has such a large following despite not being an active competitive bodybuilder. This recent video compiled here by Fazi Fitness, is a perfect example of why people love Lee Priest so much. And you can get even more raw, unfiltered Lee Priest realness in our new movie, Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding.

In this video, Lee talks about steroids and drug use in bodybuilding and how it’s perceived by not only outsiders but also by the younger generation of aspiring bodybuilders. The problem seems to be that bodybuilding physiques are now being judged by finding the perfect steroid cycle and supplement stack – a way to find “the secret” to becoming a perfect bodybuilder. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is hard work defines a bodybuilder and, to a deeper degree, genetics largely define a bodybuilder’s potential as well. No amount of drugs or supplements can change your genetics. But perhaps you can at the very least outwork your genetics. Check out Lee Priest’s blunt take on this aspect of the sport in the video above!

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