Lee Priest gives his take on bodybuilding coaching contracts and gurus.

In a much more passive way, there has been a collection of people in the bodybuilding industry who don’t find gurus and bodybuilding coaches necessary for success. Generation Iron has spoke with a variety of experts and athletes in past interviews where the subject has come up. But this past week’s controversy started by William Bonac has brought the debate front and center… and has made the conversation more volatile than it ever has been.

Due to it’s viral and trending nature this week – everyone and their mother is chiming in with their opinion on bodybuilding coaches, contracts, and gurus. One such person is Lee Priest – who has a reputation for stating his blunt honest opinion (earning him the title of the Dark Horse of bodybuilding). Lee dives right into his opinion on bodybuilding coaches and gurus. Do bodybuilders need them? How much do they actually help build a champion? And could pro bodybuilders succeed just as well without a coach and save some money from their winnings?

As usual with Lee Priest, it’s blunt and straight to the point. You can check it out compiled by Fazi Fitness in the video above. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.And for more Lee Priest realness, check out our upcoming title, Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding.


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