Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic bodybuilding motivation words of wisdom.

When it comes to the tried and true legends, few can match the impact that Arnold Schwarzenegger had. Beyond being a seven time Mr. Olympia champion – he is one of the most charismatic bodybuilders of all time, he elevated past bodybuilding into Hollywood and politics, and he opened the floodgates for more attention and interest into the sport of bodybuilding. To this day he still invests his time, passion, and efforts into the sport with competitions like the Arnold Classic. He is in a word – the pinnacle of bodybuilding legendary status.

So it comes as no surprise his words of wisdom make for one of the more intense and epic bodybuilding motivation videos out there. Put together here by Makaveli Motivation by combining classic footage of The Austrian Oak with his influential and inspiring words – this video will be key in hyping you up and getting you ready to become the next champion. Whether it be on the Olympia stage or a champion over your own PRs. Check it out above!

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