This is what lifting fake weight looks like compared to lifting real weight.

Kenny K.O. has been on a crusade for years now – to call out social media bodybuilders and lifters who use fake weights. This is a tricky task as there is no real way to prove this other than some visual logic and a “gut feeling.” You can easily run the risk of looking like a fool if somehow you get proven wrong. Worse, you kind of just come across like a big asshole. That’s why Kenny K.O. has put together this comparison video showing what lifting fake weight looks like compared to lifting real weight. By comparing legit weight lifters to their faking counterparts – Kenny hope to help you train your eye to know when you are getting duped. Check it out above.

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  1. Still people don’t understand that Brad does that for a reason. I don’t know why people have been stock on Brad and hating on him when the only thing he does is business. Look at Brads physique he is a strong dude and he can lift some weight. And people don’t realize that Brad became famous from the haters and the negative stuff.. it’s all about making that bread to survive that’s all

    • I’d rather be poor as fuck with some dignity and personal integrity than well off and a laughing stock among all my peers and be remembered as a cunt.

      What kind of dick sells out their integrity for something as common as money ?

    • Alexander Kuriakidis If you are all over social media claiming you are some sort of expert and record setting lifter, like Brad Fuckelberry does, and you are exposed using fake weights you deserve all the trolling and shit that comes with it


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