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Bodybuilding Motivation: Is this the best motivational speech of 2019 (so far)?

We’re coming up on the weekend and it’s summer – that gives you plenty of excuses to not workout and go enjoy the day. But DON’T give into those excuses! Don’t get lazy because the sun is out and the beach is inviting. You can still enjoy all those things of course – so long as you put your training and betterment first and foremost. Consistency wins the day when it comes to building muscle and burning fat.

That’s why we have a new bodybuilding motivation video from our content partner Alex Kalts Fitness. This one is specifically made to be listened to right before you workout – so that you will get amped up beyond believe and put in the best work of your life in the gym. Could this be the most motivational speech of 2019? We’re not quite sure yet but this one stands out half way through the year. Check it out above!

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