Do you lift fake weights, bro?

There’s nothing more infuriating than fake weights. Seriously. In a industry and sport that prides itself on heavy lifting and sculpting the perfect physique – cheating destroys all valor in the sport. That’s why synthol is such a maligned subject matter in the industry. It’s also why fake weights are so annoying. And while the trend of YouTubers exposing fake weight videos on the web has died down… it seems like the trend is starting to come back up again. Just check out the latest video by KENNY K.O. that digs deep into some new social media pictures and videos that seem a little too massive to be true.

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  1. Johan Aguirre Keith Mcgowan what do you guys think after this video Iv only watched this video, says there’s another review video this guy did on brad, but other than that I never thought brad was fake until this vid.

    • Idk ive seen his live feed workouts unless he leaves his supposed fake weights placed all throughout the gym hes not carrying 20 “fake” plates around the gym with him and when he has guests they try to do what he does and cant do it

    • Dalton Reddick that’s what I’m saying haha like wtf no way is it fake we’ve all done stuff he’s done and he’s a giant! We aren’t that big but I was comparing how we all lifted and how much back then, that in reference to what brad does seems legit and reasonable for his size and strength plus who knows if he takes any wild supps!

    • I would say hes definitely on gear for sure but as far as the weight being fake i can shoulder press 2plates like he did 10 times and im not as big as him so i dont see why he couldnt do 3 plates that guys just a hater in the video

    • Yeah I’m sure he’s used fake weights before but the examples he gave didn’t look fake. 315 on smith machine I don’t doubt that. Plus this guy doing the voice over needs to produce content for his fans to keep watching him.

    • Johan Aguirre yea seriously this douche talking ain’t really providing much.

      And exactly why I tagged you because you’ve met him he is a beast and is fucking huge so like you said I don’t doubt that 315 on a smith and other vids he has I just don’t see him bringing in fake weights to the gym lol

  2. The guy clearly lifts real weights occasionally.
    So he uses mismarked weights… people use filters on their pics and anything else to get likes and followers to their pages. I guess this isn’t too much different

  3. The guy that has done the video obviously knows nothing about weightlifting, I can do 12 plates on each side on the squat machine that he recorded Brad on and said that was fake weights and I weigh 210 pounds and nowhere near the muscle Brad has… and who would carry 20 fake 45 pound weights to a gym without anybody in the gym recording and noticing it in calling out Brad? In case nobody has not noticed not a single person that works out at his gym has ever called him out or blasted him for being fake… if he was somebody definitely would so people need to get off Brad Find better things to do with their time besides being jealous

  4. All his videos are for viewers. And trying to get as many as possible. So yes all fake. But to look like he does he surely lifts real weights. But not on camera. I don’t like Brad. Tried meeting him at a expo. He just looks at me and turns his back. So yea not a fan. He’s a douchebag.

  5. People on here who really think he’s using fake weights are seriously stupid. I’m not a Brad castleberry fan at all, but the dude is fucking jacked. Before all you turds jump on board and say it’s because of the juice, you’d be wrong again. You can take all the aas you can inject into your body and your still not going to look like that if your nutrition game is on point and your putting in real work with real iron.

    • He lifts but not what he posts. The vids are fake. If he was that strong why doesn’t he show up to a meet? People offered him thousands to prove he ain’t lying but he always turns them down. Why? Because he is lying duh. Getting fake plates ain’t hard and you can get a special order to get the logo on it. Until he goes and proves it he is a fake

    • My point is, I honestly don’t care Wtf he lifts. He’s jacked, and he didn’t get that way from just juice and fake weights. This video he’s doing reps of 315 on a Smith machine… That’s not that impressive.

    • So he’s 5″9 250 which is s lie Phil Heath is 5″9 255 lol and he won’t touch a weight other than his own won’t even touch any kind of weight at expos lol you’re a special kind of stupid Kevin Schilling if you think those are real weights

  6. They’re not fake plates FFS.. and the 120lbs (55kg) shoulder presses for 11 reps?! How can you think that’s fake! I am half his size and can get them out at that weight.. stop hating far out

    Also that smith machine is counter weighted, like most are. Take 40lbs off that and you have a 240 shoulder press. Again not that far fetched..

  7. Mind boggled over how far this has gone people reaching so far to call this guys weights fake, I’m rowing 9 25s plus a 2.5 at the end because there was room equivalent to 5 45s, in my profile photo, in this case, it would equate to more force than having the 45s since the weight is distributed farther from me causing there to be more torque, I hit that 3 sets of 8 at 185! Brad’s 255lbs shorter arms, lots more mechanical advantage than my 5’11” frame, so y’all need to put an end to this fake weights bullshit. It’s getting old

    • First you believed he’s 255 Phil heath is 255 5’9 Shawn Rhoden 260 5’9 dexter Jackson 260 5″9 and brad at the same body fat%? I’m not sure what your general education is but common sense should tell you there’s something off

  8. 4 35s and 4 25s here, weighing 185 at 5’11. Much more range of motion using smaller plates, 3 x 8, plus more torque against your lower lats making it much harder, than its equivalent of over 5 plates.

  9. I unfollowed him within a week….before I knew about the fake weights. I just thought he acted too much like a douche bag.
    Why does he have to lie…his physique is impressive, don’t need to bull shit us.

  10. If you are jacked you are using “fake plates” if you aren’t jacked “do you even lift”…….haha why does it even matter if he does use fake plates! Obviously he’s using enough of them to still make Gains off of them. are people really loosing sleep over this shit.

    • Lol because people think thats the solution when its not those are fake. FYI watch Dan Greens military press then tell me Bradley could do 60 more plus reps better yet tell me why he’ll only use his weights and when asked to come in the animal cage or why he won’t touch a weight at an expo lol it’s not rocket science if your not a fan boy not to mention about him lying about his body stats

    • Of course he can’t do 60 more reps. Thats ridiculous. What I’m saying is… body cares. Leave the man to lift whatever plates he wants and be big as hell. Doesn’t effect my life. But if you are going to Dedicate videos to discredit someone’s hard work (doesn’t matter how he got there) then it obviously is affecting yours. (Not you specifically)

  11. 100% fake, you can just tell when the body is under pressure and that pivot moment when he locks the weights back in he is relaxed. Shame really as the world know he does this factually and he has been called out and won’t support his self! And don’t agree with needing to be a strong man I do this much weight for ten ever time I do shoulders! no problem so I wouldn’t say it’s hard but it’s the range of motion and face that gives him away.

  12. No one needs to do anything more than load 10 45’s on one side of a leg press and then spin them the way he did after his set. They spun like a fidget spinner……try it, video it, post it.
    This guy is as fake as a Kardashian

  13. Not fake,you all are just weak as hell,lmao. …brad is a beast. Mike ohearn even backs him up on REAL iron he is using.mike is renowned lifter who has mad respect and personally knows brad,so go get your lift on and stop hating

  14. So what if he used fake weights. The more you bash on him, the more recognition you give him. And let alone, your basing your analogy off a picture of a dumbell… your a special kind if person. But, go ahead, your just making him more famous.

  15. For those who are dumb enough to think Brad is using “real weight” remember, someone offered him 10,000 to come to their gym and use their weight to rep his so called “real weight” even one time. Let’s just brad stopped replying when it came to actually booking the flight

  16. Not saying this is or isn’t true BUT… this guy is implying that brad stuffs all these fake weights in his bag and walks into the gym ? Or that the gym is in on it and provided him with fake weights ??? Is that what I’m getting at here

  17. So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he does.
    Someone then explain to me how he gets dozens of fake weights into the gym… prove THAT, and I’ll believe the accusations.
    I happen to attend one of the same 24 Hour gyms as this guy. I’ve seen him lift up close. I’ve seen him use the exact same weights as anyone else in the gym. Haha, I’ve even gone over and “tested” the weight he’s just used, and I can tell you there was nothing fake about them.
    So, unless he has employees on his payroll who know when he’s coming in, and are somehow able to plant fake weights in front of at least 100 people at a time, then I say the only thing fake about him are these accusations.

  18. Who cares?..Unless you are a powerlifter, amount of weight really doesn’t matter…what matters to a bodybuilder is how one looks. He must be doing something right!!
    Besides, most who make videos use fake weights. Try doing 20 takes using real weights!..Come on people!

  19. Fake or not the guys huge and triple the size of me so i for one am not knocking him, he’s obviously doing something right… (and before you say juice, that alone doesn’t get you that big!)

  20. I go to the same gym as him…he does not cart in 30+ plates every workout into 24 hr with a fucking dolly…. if he did don’t you think some one would notice that, y’all are retarded, go worry about your damn selves.

  21. Lmao..does it really matter if he uses fake weights or not?? Dude is damn near a bodybuilder with a great physique..i think it’s more of the haters that try to call him out more than anything else..

  22. If he was lifting real weight and wanted to hold ACTUAL world records he would accept all those powerlifting challenges and he would be in Guinness world records. But guess what, he doesn’t do either of those things, because, officially, he isn’t breaking any records because he isn’t lifting anywhere near as much as he claims.

  23. He’s the king of fake. Bars don’t bend yet it has 5 or 6 or even 7 plates on the bar. Watched him struggle to press 4 plates on incline for 2 reps in one vid yet they flew up a matter of a week or so on flat.

  24. Not fake weights, its just shit form. Do you really think he brings in more than 6 plates for this long without a single person snapping a noticing or pic???? Come on peeps! Use common sence. Its bad form thats all. He looks ok too so fukit. Also he heavily utilizes his spotters. Powerlifters lift with a bar free of the spotter till the spotter is needed . this is why he turns down challenges because the lifts are far from true.

  25. but even if he’s lifting fake weights, what’s YOUR problem if it’s feeling like a cactus shoved up your arse? ? He’s NOT training for you , he’s NOT competing for you, he’s NOT earning his money to pay for your damn bills and he aint coming home to your arse at the end of the day! Do your own thing, concentrate on your own fitness and goals and LIVE your own damn lives !! Goodness, y’all acting like a buncha immature spineless retards – go lift your own fucking weights !!

  26. 315 in a smith rack is not that special. Does the narrator not take that into account? I wouldn’t be surprised if Brad uses fake weights, but you also need to remember smith rack is no where near the same as free weights.

  27. Lol, he works out at multiple 24 hr fitness gyms here in California, we shop at the same Costco. So for those who legitimately care… he is actually that strong and he uses the marked 24 hr fitness plates.

  28. Um I can military press 315 that easy on smith machine for about 15 on a good day. I can do 405 for 6.
    Which is not exactly 315 or 405 bc the bar isn’t a 45 lbs bar. Plus it’s completely different than a free bar.

  29. The only reason you think it’s fake is because that’s real fuckin muscle right there. No steroids no bullshit just good old fashioned hard work has gotten him where he is now. Look at all the haters hating. You have no where near the recognition this guy has gotten from his hard work. Y’all are jealous motherfuckers

    • strong enough for who? Being a bodybuilder doesn’t have anything to do with being strong. It’s about building and shaping your body not about how much weight you can lift. There’s a big difference between a power lifter and A bodybuilder… Doesn’t matter if you’re benching 135 or 315 as long as you are doing proper form and feeling that muscle work and have mind muscle connection…. has a beautiful female ever asked you how much you can bench? I don’t think so… my point is what does it matter how much weight you can lift as long as you can look like you lift 400 pounds

  30. My roommate used to do 225 pound barbell curls for sets of 15. And he was a guy who hardly ever trained biceps and had 21 inch biceps. He was a complete beast. As far as this guy goes remember some of these plates are rubber coated and may look like a 45 but are actually more like 25 pounds. Not sure if they are actually fake? But not on the mark.

  31. Fake weights topic aside from a personal level brad is certainly a douche bag. Takes his shirt off, pulls his ass crack out and jumps around like a toddler bragging and boasting while claiming all this shit about being “humble” there’s a special place in hell for arrogant douche bags like this one

    • Wrong people who do have the muscles have challenged him and were also willing to pay him to show up and never shows up cause even he knows he can’t lift those fake PRs since he uses fake weights on his videos. But he does have someone that doesn’t even lift keep people from talking to him.

  32. I’ve noticed that in his videos that he was doing impossible workouts with specific weights. I even went as far as trying to spin 225 plates on the bench and it didn’t work. That shoulder workout he did with 120pd dumbbells is not a possible workout for anyone. Definitely curling 315pds is not possible. 225pds curling is possibly the max for most.

    • For him to not be chained to the ground, it is physically impossible to curl 315lbs, anyone that thinks that is possible is fucking retarded and should drop 315 on their throat.

  33. Literally every person who thinks the weights are fake is fucking restarted. This Kenny dude can’t go fuck himself too. Do you seriously have no life outside of criticizing other people because you’re jealous?? I’ve worked out with him multiple times in a COMMERCIAL GYM. Why in the fuck would you bring an assload of fake weights into a commercial gym. And by the way please show me online where you can buy fake weights which resemble these. Does he use the best form? No but Get a fucking like and do your sets and stop bitching and complaining because you can’t get where other people are.

  34. If he would just take everyones offer to lift at events for big money then he could put these rumors to rest but he doesn’t he just instalifts then claims world record so no one will ever believe he’s legit

  35. I don’t understand why everyone is trying to ruin this guy’s life. He might be a little slow or there might be several reasons for this. The punishment does not match the assumed crime in this case.

    • because somewhere in this world some young kid is watching his crap and thinking he has to lift like this 2nd he has been offered crazy money to perform his lift in real gyms to prove that he squats 1200 or bench press 700 the type of money you cant say no to

  36. Unless you put money on this guy, you should not care. He’s built, he’s jacked. Real or fake weights, at the end of the day you still gotta reach into your own damn pocket and pay your own gawwdamn bills. What’s fake is dumbasses following/stalking social media ‘personnel’ like lame sorry ass sheep that they are.

  37. I just don’t get it. I mean the guy already looks great and obviously puts in some very serious time under real weights to look that way. Why fake it to the point of ridiculous?

  38. Ok 3 plates on the smith i can do that when im sleeping and thatttt is your evidence lolll fuck you suck big time loll a real job and a real life is probably a good option for you lolll get a life a stop looking at what the other do loll loser

  39. I don’t care what he does. I go to the gym for me. I don’t judge what others are doing. My music is loud and my mind is focused. I’m too busy trying to achieve my goals

  40. Who cares about the weights being fake? It’s a photo shoot where EVERYTHING is fake and set up! You think these people just walk and catch these athletes in the middle of training and capture these great photos?

  41. I mean dude is 5’9″ 255 which is fucking beastly at my strongest I could military press 245 on the Smith machine I was 5’11” 180 pounds. So looking at those numbers anyone can see his weights arent crazy. I started out this King Brad used fake weights but the more I look Into it the more real I can see it is. Dude is a fucking beast Kenny ko is not.

  42. I said this many times before, I trained at the same gym at this guy. I used the same weights and they’re not fake. I don’t care to know the guy at all , he’s really obnoxious when he comes in.

  43. Maybe fake maybe not, he is still incredibly strong combine with a lot of explosive power. Most likely on the juice but not guaranteed but that’s not what makes him huge, it’s the training and nutrition. Without any added help he would still be big just not as big. Steroids without proper training and nutrition just set the stage for additional gains.

  44. I’ve seen him lift at the Olympia in Vegas in 2014. He cheats on some of the lifts but the weights sure as hell ain’t fake I know that much. He does good uplifting things but he come across as a douche bag lol

  45. I think the guy seems kind of stupid, to be honest. And what the bloody heck is a castle berry? But did he not walk into Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach and do the same kind of things with their weights? I seem to recall some kind of article about that. I think this is the weirdest case of the ass our particular bubble has had in a while.


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