Mass monsters’ finest.

It’s hard to imagine – but there was a time when certain mass monsters hit the stage and redefined what a bodybuilder could look like. They stepped onto the stage and blew people’s minds. The mindset was: How was this humanly possible? Bodybuilders just reached a new plane of human possibilities.

Dorian Yates was one such bodybuilder – one of the earlier mass monsters to bring us to new possibilities and soon followed by The King himself, Ronnie Coleman. While it may be impossible for us to imagine a time when these kind of physiques were brand new – this throwback video might just do the trick. Check out Dorian Yates in 1996 showcasing all of his glory. Just maybe you’ll get a sliver of that feeling that audiences did back then.



  1. With due out the waist line..bodybuilding nowadays or in 90s is nowhere near the golden era when arnold,lou use to present well proportionate physique..roonie,yats or phil anybody from today’s era doesn’t inspire the past,present or future generations..

  2. Momo benaziza Beat him in 1992, and if mohamed was alive in 1996, and even if dorian use insuline at this time, he will never have the back of mohamed !! but i agree Dorian is a beast


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