Planet Fitness strikes against bodybuilders again.

We’ve posted a few videos before regarding bodybuilders having… let’s just call them “issues” at Planet Fitness. Sometimes the bodybuilders are trolling the gym but sometimes they aren’t doing anything wrong. Of course, it’s widely known that Plaent Fitness has a “no bodybuilders allowed” mentality. One that is strangely hilarious and bizarre at the same time. What qualifies a bodybuilder? How do they decide?

This video is another example of a bodybuilder getting profiled by Planet Fitness employees. Do you think this is fair? Does it even matter? Either way it will give you a good laugh at least.



  1. I like planet fitness. I’m not a member but many times I have worked out there because they are one of the few that are open 24hrs. I like there motto, “judgement free zone” that is how ever gym should be. I get angry when people throw there weights and wear nipple shirts, people need to get in workout and get out

  2. I was doing 415lb deadlifts In their Smith machine just this past Sunday. I was slamming the weights down, grunting, and wearing a golds gym string top. Lunk alarm did not go off and nobody said anything to me… As long as youre not being a total tool and a douche it’s not a problem, but if you want to be an ass then yeah you should be kicked out, who would want you there anyways?

  3. Unreal how stupid this is. Don’t go there if it offends you. Why do they owe anyone the privilege to throw weights around and intimidate people that don’t share the same fitness goals? They don’t….

    FYI, this video is satire…

  4. I used to be member there. They yelled at me for having a 3 liter poland springs water bottle. They yelled at me for deadlifting 415lbs even though i did not slam the weight or grunt. Planet Fitness is not worth going to if you are a serious lifter.

  5. Planet Fitness is an awesome gym. What kind of man attacks another man because of the gym they go to. We are here to encourage and lift each other up, not try to drag each other down. This group is a bunch of pretentious hypocrites.

  6. Thought I was reading about ‘Franks Gym’ No bodybuilders, no grunting, groaning, moaning’…. haha David Taz Rice Victoria Hatherall Kylie Gear Billy Murphy Donna O’Brien …

    • Donna O’Brien there truelly is a sign up now as you walk up the stairs. Stating no grunting or groaning, there was another sign up stating about there maybe extra charges for heavy Gym users…. What does that mean people who are over weight.. Haha. Use heavy weights.. haha. Or choose to do a split routine am and pm like myself..!!!??. Merry Christmas hope to see your smiling face soon…

    • Kevin Adams
      Wow that’s crazy.
      People should be able to split – weight & cardio sessions through the day if they want & can.
      It’s never that busy there that people need to be restricted.
      What a shame.
      Back on the 10th March ????

    • Regardless PF is a joke. Imagine the gains you’d of got doing a real deadlift, squat, bench. Still good progress working with what you got but you have to be able to work on those stabilizer muscles you won’t get from a Smith.

  7. Planet Fitness is a yuppie, soccer-mom, wimp paradise. More than half the people there you could never even tell exercise, the other half simply never go. It’s a joke. They “cater” to people that like the “idea” of an athletic body,… but don’t actually exercise. This is why they have no problem insulting people that actually exercise. It gives them more gym space because people who want results simply don’t go there.

  8. Me and my hubby usually go if our gym is closed . He doesn’t like it too much though. He said that he feels that weights on a machine there, if he has to use one aren’t the same as a “real gym” they are lighter. He’s had the link alarm go off before while getting his last reps in. He grunts a little and exhales loudly! Lol I’ve asked the staff why there is no scale or any pre workout , their response is that it’s a no judgement zone. My response to them is , “hey, you can decide to buy or not buy” , also how do you know if you’re losing weight if there is no scale?! I really use mine for cardio and tanning if we have to go, their beds are pretty awesome!

  9. It’s because they’re fat and out of shape when bodybuilders are in the gym they get self-conscious and don’t want to go that’s why not about that fit life there about that money if you actually want to hit your goals find a new gym

    • And let’s not forget their pizza on the first Monday of every month, bagels on the second Tuesday of the month. Walk in like “wtf”


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