These never end well…

It’s always fun to be the bully until you pick a fight with the wrong person. There’s a world of difference between an asshole who can throw his weight around and a fully trained martial artist. Ultimately this guy got what was coming to him.

(Warning: Graphic Content and Language)



  1. Lol couldn’t stay away from the insulting “MEATHEAD” term for long guys?? So you guys are ambassadors for the sport, trying to lift it up but you use a derogatory term for bodybuilders? NEVERMIND it’s a WS post NOT a fitness related post. God you guys suck.

  2. First…the martial artist has bigger height than the bodybuilder and he dwarfs him in this regard…if those who truly believe that martial artist won…try a bodybuilder with same weight and height and then judge…otherwise it’s illogical…though the bodybuilder is to be blamed here ,for picking the fight with a person heavier and taller than him is an insult to himself…

  3. So a trained person in his sport is competing against someone with no training at all, recording it and attempts to humilate him for having a go! Dont see any bodybuilder doing that, but yet we are sterio-typed as being a show off. Lets put the martial artist under the squat rack and on stage in some posing breifs and make it even with no training and see if he likes it?

    • Dumb. Wasn’t trying to humiliate. He was protecting himself from an aggressive person who came at him to fight. Meat head had plenty of warning. Friend could have double teamed or guy could have kept hitting after the kick. He got lucky and next time hopefully he will be more respectful and have less of an ego. His ego got him in trouble.