Which of these two bodybuilding Men’s 212 beasts has the better physique?

Hadi Choopan has been making waves in the bodybuilding industry since late 2017. Seemingly out of nowhere to majority of the international bodybuilding world – Hadi caused a commotion when he almost defeated Flex Lewis (and to many he DID beat Flex Lewis). Of course, travel issues has prevented Hadi from competing in other bigger, more well known, competitions. But with his recent invitation to the Arnold Classic we might finally see him on a bigger world stage… or not depending on if he can successfully travel.

Another competitor in the Men’s 212 division that we haven’t seen in some time is Guy Cisternino. Always known for his beastly training and hardcore attitude – Guy has been a constant competitor to watch in the Men’s 212 division. That’s why Bodybuilding For Life decided to put together this dream showdown of Guy Cisternino and Hadi Choopan – two bodybuilding beasts who deserve praise in their own right. But who do you think has a better physique? Watch the video above and decide for yourself!

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