It begins…

It’s finally here. The Mr. Olympia 2019 is officially underway as kicked off by the athletes checkin meeting and later tonight the meet and greet will really bring up the energy for the fans who are in Vegas this weekend. Today is also most likely the final day of real training for the qualified athletes before going full focus onto drying out and prepping for getting on stage tomorrow.

Can you feel it? The energy in the air as the Olympia weekend officially begins? If it hasn’t quite hit you yet our content partner Williams Fitness has you covered with a compilation video combining all of the social media vids from the athlete meeting and also a few behind the scenes clips of the final workouts from the top pros competing at Olympia 2019.

This is our last look before the best of the best step on stage to test their worth amongst their peers. Check out the video above and if you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Williams Fitness for more Olympia 2019 updates as they become available!


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