At only 15 years old, Tristyn Lee has an incredible classic physique.

When talking about bodybuilding, we often discuss genetics and genetic potential. Some people are just born to be bodybuilding greats (if they have the willpower to meet their genetic potential). Kenny K.O. seems to have found someone who, if he sticks with it, might become a future bodybuilding great. His name is Tristyn Lee and already at just 15 years old he has a classic bodybuilding physique that some adults would have trouble achieving. You need to see it to believe it – which is why Kenny K.O. breaks it down in detail on his latest video above.

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  1. All this does is remind me of that kid back in the day named “strongest kid, and most muscular kid.” Can’t remember his name but he was jacked, more so than this kid. Come to find out his dad was giving him gear without the mother’s knowledge and the dad got prosecuted and served time. Now that kid is 20 something and fat lol

  2. Lol. He’s certainly not the most muscular, not even close. He’s lean, no doubt. But teens nowadays have some very impressive potential. This kid is still young & you can see from the shots that he still has a lot of work to do. Also, his pictures don’t indicate any use; he’s just a lean kid, that’s all. The way most 15 year olds are looking these days, he’s at least being active. Good for him.

  3. There is no way this kid is on anything. He is 15 the height all is own natural hirmones are now surging through his body with the right diet he will be lean and muscle deffinition will be more defined. He is not massive but if he keeps training and takes advantage of his age then he will grow with potential but he is defiantly not on gear and training this young will not hinder him in adult or later life if done correctly and with proper advice. How about ppl who get jealous get of the ‘he’s on gear’ bandwagon and give him some credit. He’s worked/working a lot harder than a lot of ppl


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