Nathan De Asha is constantly looking to improve.

It’s no secret that Nathan De Asha is on the rise in the Open Weight division and has his sights set on the top spot. Brash and confident in his approach, Nathan De Asha has also shown humility in his rise to the top and is constantly looking to improve his game.

Steve Weinberger, head judge of the IFBB, is a wealth of knowledge and knows exactly what it takes for the top pros to showcase their hard earned muscle at the highest levels of bodybuilding. With Nathan De Asha looking to improve his presentation in hopes of securing a top placing at the 2018 Olympia, the British bodybuilder has sought out the help of Weinberger in order to showcase his physique in the best possible manor.

Check out this video and glean some tips of your own as Nathan De Asha learns the tricks of the trade from Steve Weinberger.

How far do you think Nathan De Asha will go?

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