Kenny K.O. compares natural vs enhanced bodybuilding physiques with his latest supercut.

Performance enhancing drugs are a problem in all professional sports – and bodybuilding is no different. But rather than focusing on enhanced strength to perform better in a sport, PEDs are used to enhance the physique and size of the body. Some people believe that one would need to take PEDs in order to achieve a physique on the level of the greatest bodybuilders currently competing. But how far can you go completely natural? Kenny K.O. tries to answer this question in part with his opinion-based supercut comparing what he considers natural physiques vs “enhanced” physiques. Check it out above!

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  1. Why is natural always hand in hand with small guys?! Just cuz someone is considerably bigger and more developed doesn’t mean he’s doing drugs. Don’t knock others’ work by dismissing it as merely drug use.


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