You think you work hard enough…

In today’s age you have all the access to workout and bodybuilding tips in training and dieting. You have the social media accounts to follow the best and get inspired. You have more gyms than ever to train in. You have every single thing possible to make you the best bodybuilder in you can be. But odds are you aren’t working hard enough. You think you are but the truth is you’re not. You can never relax. You can never be satisified with your current state. You need to stay continually hungry. Forget about the talk. Forget about the progress pics. You need to start working even harder. You need to tell yourself that what you have now is NOT good enough.

This video by Makaveli Motivation is all about staying on your toes. Accepting the fact that the life of a bodybuilder is never being satisfied. It’s a life of constant growth and constant improvement. If you are feeling tired. Or feeling comfortable. This video will put you off balance. It will make you want to bend backwards and lift more than ever before. Check it out above.

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