The pros are starting to share their 2019 physique progress.

We are getting closer and closer to the Arnold Classic 2019 – which is the unofficial start to the bodybuilding season and already pro bodybuilders are starting to get hyped up showcasing their physique and training progress.

Fazi Fitness has compiled a new video combining the latest updates from some of the most talked about pros going into this new year. Phil Heath, who will have to try and regain his Olympia throne after his 2019 loss; Nathan De Asha, a much hyped bodybuilder with big talk and ever increasing bigger muscle; and Regan Grimes, a bodybuilder who surprise switched to Classic Physique and has had eyes on him ever since.

Take a look at the latest progress these pros have posted and get yourself pumped for the true start of the bodybuilding season less than a month away! Check it all out in the video above!

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