Kenny K.O. has moved past fake weights and onto Insta photoshopping.

The internet has been a double edged sword for bodybuilding and fitness. On one hand – now we can get access to information and inspiration much easier, quicker, and often for free. This allows for a more inclusive and faster growing industry. But on the other hand – it allows for a lot of MISINFORMATION and LIES to spread from people who know how to take advantage of digital culture and make money off of it.

Fitness Instagram models might fall victim to this most. Many fitness models make money by simply having a massively popular Instagram account and looking incredibly fit and attractive. So it stands to reason that photoshop would be incredibly helpful to gain more likes, more followers, and more money. The terrible thing about this is that it sets unrealistic expectations for those inspired by it. Magazines have done this for decades – but since Instagram accounts can feel so personal… there is an extra layer of betrayal behind this. We expect big companies to lie to us but not individuals on their social media accounts.

But exactly how many fitness models are actually lying to us? That’s what Kenny K.O. is set to find out – and he has a new video exploring how to tell when a model is using photoshop on social media. Check it out above.

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