A video compilation showcasing the most jaw dropping fitness feats of June 2019.

In its purest form, fitness and bodybuilding is about setting goals and achieving them for your mind, health, and body. It is an endeavor to improve ourselves – to run faster, jump higher, and grow stronger. YouTube and social media has made it even more easier to be inspired to break through barriers. Every single day new videos are released showcasing some insane feat of strength, or a beautifully toned body, or an epic lift that no one thought was humanly possible.

That’s why Beast Ugis‘ “People Are Awesome” series of compilation videos is so addictive to watch. It shows the best lifts, the best feats of strength, and the most insane fitness moments from each month of the year. It’s one part inspiration and one part jaw dropping insanity that even the non-fitness-obsessed would find entertaining as hell.

His latest video showcases the best fitness moments from June 2019 – check it out above! If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Beast Ugis’ official YouTube channel right here.