The inhuman mass monsters walking among humans.

When we see a pro bodybuilder on the stage they are in their element. They look natural with the hot lights highlighting their sculpted and oiled skin. We are impressed with the outcome of their hard work and dedication – but standing amongst other mass monster bodybuilders… these physiques almost seem natural.

It’s an entirely different thing to see a mass monster walk around in public. These hulking frames are high above the average person. They are no longer in their element – they are freaks with bodies that less than 1% of the common populous can even imagine obtaining. Many people who don’t even know about bodybuilding probably didn’t think that a human being can even get that big. And while bodybuilders often hide behind hoodies in public to mask their incredible physiques, there are times when they go out into the world showing off their shredded muscle. In these moments all eyes turn and the common public wonder if they are dreaming. It’s a sight to behold – and one that is perfectly captured in this supercut put together by Bodybuilding For Life. Check it out above!

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