Phil Heath is active on social media after his Olympia loss… and asking Kai Greene for help?

All eyes are still on Phil Heath just days after his loss in the Olympia 2018. This is mostly because no one knows what kind of “loser” he will be – we haven’t seen him lose in seven years. The answer seems to lie on the side of humble, though many fans aren’t buying it.

Things get even weirder when looking in the comment section of his latest Instagram post. Kai Greene chimed in with some of his thoughts, and Phil Heath responded with a surprising statement. He asked Kai to help train him.

Now some follow up comments make it hard to determine whether or not he’s being sarcastic – but the notion of Phil Heath training with Kai Greene and then coming back to win the Olympia 2019 is an exciting narrative to imagine. Check out the video above, compiled by Williams Fitness, that showcases the entire Instagram post conversation.

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