Phil Heath drops some knowledge.

Phil Heath knows a thing or two about dollars and cents. Before he went pro, Phil Heath already had paying sponsors who were able to line his pockets with the funds that he needed to support himself during his bodybuilding journey. These days it seems that young up and comers are having a harder time dealing with the details on how they can turn a profit in their own careers.

With social media it seems as if making a living off of bodybuilding is as simple as its ever been, but for some it can be a daunting task, one that they have no clue how to tackle.

With the wisdom and experience he has cultivated over the years, Phil Heath has decided to share some of the key points as well as the mindset necessary to make it as a bodybuilding entrepreneur in the modern era of bodybuilding. Take a look and listen as the seven time Olympia champion drops some much appreciated knowledge.

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