After 15 weeks off training, Phil Heath is ready to do better than 2018.

Phil Heath has been pretty active with his video updates lately in regards to bodybuilding and training. And now we know why – After 15 weeks out of the gym due to his surgery, Phil is back to training. Reiterating thoughts he teased that we reported on last week, Phil Heath is “feeling good” about 2019 and, more importantly, ready to bring a package that is better than the one we saw last year.

With the traditional Phil Heath confidence, he points his camera to a glamorized magazine cover photo of himself and boldly states, “That guy… I’m going to beat that guy!” It’s often said that the greatest battle in bodybuilding isn’t against the other competitors but yourself. Phil Heath seems to hold that mentality – and he’ll need it if he wants to be Mr. Olympia champion again. Check out the full video, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, above!

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