Phil Heath gives us an update on his weight and physique in latest video update.

Phil Heath may not have been in the Olympia 2019 – but now that it has passed his fans have all turned their sights on 2020. Will Phil Heath return for the Olympia next year? If he does, he’ll also have to qualify again meaning another competition next year – perhaps the Arnold Classic?

Nothing has been confirmed except for one thing, Phil Heath is staying in some incredible shape leaving the door open for anything to happen. In his latest video posted on social media, Phil Heath stepped on the scale to show he is weighing a nice lean 260 lbs before showing off a small tease of his physique. It may not have been a full body shot – so maybe we are jumping the gun – but he was looking pretty lean and incredible.

The Olympia 2019 was a very interesting year due to some shocking line up changes – but that just sets us up for a potentially more exciting 2020 with expected returns of Phil Heath and Big Ramy. So we’ll be keeping our eye on Phil and his updates (even if he likes trolling all of us) to see how things will unfold next year.

Fazi Fitness has put together a compilation video including Phil Heath’s weigh-in and physique updates. You can check it out above. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.



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