Conflicting Dexter Jackson’s claims, Phil Heath’s wife says that he is not retired from bodybuilding.

Throughout the year, Phil Heath has been being coy about whether or not he would compete at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. He has made statements in the past that he would take a year off – but has also made hints on social media that he was training to make a comeback as soon as this year. Add on top of that that Phil Heath’s physique seemed to be growing to a massive size – and many fans had hoped they would see him sooner rather than later.

But suddenly rumor broke that Phil Heath was not only skipping the Olympia 2019, but actually retired completely. This comes from an Instagram post from Dexter Jackson – in which he replies in a comment that Phil Heath was “RETIRED!” Check it out below:

Dexter Jacson Phil Heath Instagram Post

*Photo courtesy of Instaram

Dexter Jackson speaks with Phil Heath and so many fans and online influencers took this as fact and the rumor began to spread rapidly. But now we have Nick Trigili combating the rumor – stating that he spoke with Phil Heath’s wife and received confirmation that Phil Heath was not officially retired at all.

Ultimately, this is turning into a game of he said, she said – so until we get official confirmation from Phil Heath about any of this it’s all rumors. You can check out Nick Trigili breaking it down in our GI Exclusive above!


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