“I’m going to do real Thanos shit on stage this year.”

Phil Heath is in hardcore straight up Olympia prep mode right now and sending his fans video updates as he continues towards his attempt to match Ronnie Coleman’s and Lee Haney’s 8x Mr. Olympia world record.

He shows off some early Ronnie Coleman DVD’s and talks about how he was inspired by Ronnie as he just started off as a bodybuilder. We’re not sure if he’s seen Ronnie Coleman: The King yet – but we hope that will give him an extra boost of motivation to win Olympia this year! (You can also buy it now to watch yourself by clicking here).

No longer interested in talking trash and playing games – Phil Heath simply promises that he will bring his best package to the stage. That he will try and inspire people the same way Ronnie Coleman did during his reign. Check the video out above!

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