How does Kenny K.O. know athletes are using fake weights? By comparing fake lifts to real ones.

In the digital age of bodybuilding photoshopping and fake weights have become king for online personalities looking to get likes, clicks, and follows. While there are many, many legitimate athletes and fitness models doing hard work out there – there is also a sub culture of famous social media fitness stars who, for whatever reason, feel the need to impress with fake weights making them look like they are doing amazing lifts.

Of course none of this can be 100% proven. Kenny K.O. makes most of his assertions by simply watching a video and looking for clues. While there are odds in his favor that he is accurate – we can’t consider this proven fact. But Kenny has taken the next step to help show the average viewer exactly why he thinks these certain fitness stars are faking you out – he compares their lifts to actual real competitive lifts of the same weight. Seeing the difference in how the body reacts to that weight in the “real” lifts vs the “fake” lifts is pretty staggering.

Once again, you can assume every lifter is different. Just like how some lifters grunt loudly and others keep on the quiet side. But there’s something to be said about the pure stress the body is put under when heavy weights are lifted. You can see it in the movements. Check out the video above to see what Kenny K.O. is talking about.

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