How does Kenny K.O. know athletes are using fake weights? By comparing fake lifts to real ones.

In the digital age of bodybuilding photoshopping and fake weights have become king for online personalities looking to get likes, clicks, and follows. While there are many, many legitimate athletes and fitness models doing hard work out there – there is also a sub culture of famous social media fitness stars who, for whatever reason, feel the need to impress with fake weights making them look like they are doing amazing lifts.

Of course none of this can be 100% proven. Kenny K.O. makes most of his assertions by simply watching a video and looking for clues. While there are odds in his favor that he is accurate – we can’t consider this proven fact. But Kenny has taken the next step to help show the average viewer exactly why he thinks these certain fitness stars are faking you out – he compares their lifts to actual real competitive lifts of the same weight. Seeing the difference in how the body reacts to that weight in the “real” lifts vs the “fake” lifts is pretty staggering.

Once again, you can assume every lifter is different. Just like how some lifters grunt loudly and others keep on the quiet side. But there’s something to be said about the pure stress the body is put under when heavy weights are lifted. You can see it in the movements. Check out the video above to see what Kenny K.O. is talking about.

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  1. Well for any doubters…. Real or not…. Go to her page and watch all her videos. Her legs are massive and she’s got that from those Brazilian genetics. Just look at Gal Yates… Same kind of build. Fake or not…. Super hot and works out harder than 90% of the Facewaste crowd on here. Give her credit of some kind!

    • Might be… Soooo your point is? Her husband likes it and so do her fans. No different than getting a boob job, wearing a wig, wearing makeup, guys getting implants or dick jobs…. Whatever floats your boat and as long as they earned the money for it… More power to them. If you are following this page then you must workout.. Then you must buy and take supplements to improve yourself. Protein, fat burners, vitamins… Whatever…. It’s all the same. Your goal is to improve and enhance your looks, gain strength, live longer and of COURSE… Be attractive to the opposite sex or the same sex… Whatever the case may be. Her quads are fkn huge and I’ve seen pros at all levels of most sports. She’s stacked with quad power for sure. Some people have genetics others don’t. If she was black and had that ass no one would doubt her…. Why? Because African genetics have big assess? So no other ethnicity on the planet can have that? Bullshit!… Either way…kudos to her for fake or real!

    • Just because someone looks strong don’t necessarily mean they are. However, I believe it is fake. I have never seen a man/women lift that much weight and no sign of tension of heavy weight training. It looked easy and could easily repped more out. Come on dude get serious if you been lifting for a long time you should already know.

    • Pound-for-pound women are stronger than men known fact! Get over it guys… My gym has some very strong women in it and with the exception of maybe one they’re all clean. I just watched one of them who weighs about 130 lb and is about 5 foot 6 deadlift 275 for 8 reps like it was nothing. Just like a man some women can have natural strength. I’m not saying it’s not fake but everyone needs to stop with this fake b******* and understand that some people just have real natural strength that comes easy to them. I’ve got 34 years in the gym and I’ve seen it all. Evidently most of you have never watch the CrossFit Games with those women… Pound-for-pound they are stronger than all of us probably. Actually they are some real power houses! Like I said go to her Facebook page and watch her videos of her squatting the same weight where she looks like she’s training and look like she’s trying hard. Anyone to keep a straight face for the camera to look pretty. Besides nobody cares how strong she is they’re all looking at her big ass, big legs, big tits and pretty face

  2. Using fake weights to try and decieve and con others is just wrong. Whether or not shes worked hard to improve her body or just add implants and inject synthol is her business, just think its wrong to make out shes doing something which shes quite clearly faking!!! Anyway, what ever happened to proportion!!???
    Looks wierd!!!! And the acting! Well, with acting that bad she could get a job in Hollywood! Waiting tables!!!!

  3. They do it for LIKES and Followers. Lots of internet people are doing it. It’s the way some make money. Yes butt and boob implants. If you can’t tell that you need help lol

  4. women and men wear makeup to hide their imperfections…people wear black to look slimmer. Man will always try an look better or the best. if fake weights is your thing and it makes you happy then go for it…just remember like makeup or black clothing…. you still the first being lied to.

  5. I do agree that some may Absolutly be fake af. Looking at it from this angle isnt necessarily accurate. YouTube Kai Greene I’m not a wieghtlifter and he is massive and he does nowadays usally use small weights(waiting for the steriod arguments) regardless of drugs or no drugs atrophy has been proven to cause greater muscle sizegain

  6. So what’s the benefit of her training with fake weights? I mean, they’re clearly fake. But the people who like her or look up to her certainly aren’t looking at her for her strength. There are many strong females out there who really train. Just go follow them for their strength. Honestly, just go follow them for everything else. They have incredible, real physiques because they push real weight & eat well. I mean, that’s all this girl has to do and she wouldn’t have to do all that extra nonsense. I’m also not familiar with whoever this is, so this whole thing may be working for her brand anyway.

  7. Industry is full of fakes, entire supplement industry is bullshit. The instahoes with fake tits and fake asses get hundreds of thousands of views. Selling BS programs and BS powders.

  8. Beilive me no one looking for girls workouts form, they all watching the booty and tits, so no one care if that fake weights or not, and this is the reason why they have allot of fan.


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