As fans wait for Regan to announce his next show – we get a massive training update.

Regan Grimes is a bit of a mystery right now. After a surprise showing in the Classic Physique division – an announcement that wasn’t confirmed until the day before the New York Pro – fans are unsure what the future holds for Regan. Will he remain a Classic Physique competitor or bump back up to Men’s Open. Regan has addressed this over the past year – but at this point we take it all with a grain of salt. After all, he told us he was doing Men’s Open at the New York Pro 2018 and that turned out to be false.

Adding to the mystery is that Regan has not announced his next show yet. Fans are get anxious as they excitedly wait to see when they can get a glimpse at whatever physique Regan decides to show come competition time.

While we don’t have an announcement yet, we now have a recent training update showcasing a rather massive physique on Regan Grimes. You can check it out above compiled here by Fazi Fitness alongside some other pro competitor updates.

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