Regan Grimes discusses the possibility of returning to Men’s Open bodybuilding in the future.

Regan Grimes shocked the world when he last minute decided to compete in the Classic Physique division at the New York Pro. He destroyed the competition – and many wondered whether or not we would ever see Regan in the Men’s Open again. Perhaps he would find greater success as a Classic Physique champion. Well it looks like things might not stay classic permanently – based on the latest video update from Regan himself. According to him, he will try to stay in the right weight range to continue in Classic Physique… but if he ends up going consistently over weight, he’ll just jump back into the Men’s Open.

That’s a pretty casual outlook to the whole thing – but then again, that’s exactly the way Regan handled dropping down into the Classic Physique division in the first place. So we’ll see how this all works out for him in the future. Check out the full video above!

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