Hard work isn’t enough. You need to outwork the hardest worker.

It was said best in the first Generation Iron film – steroids are not a magic drug that make good bodybuilders. It takes hard, hard work. And while that statement is a powerful one that speaks well to many in this industry, it’s only partially true. Yes, it does take hard work – but it’s really even more than that. To become one of the best bodybuilders in the world you need to not only work hard – you need to work harder than everyone else. If you see someone training so hard that you think it’s impossible to ever match that… well guess what? You need to work harder than that if you want to beat him. That’s just a fact. It’s a hard fact that we all must learn. It’s one that many won’t be able to live up to and that’s why they won’t be the best.

In this latest bodybuilding motivation video from Varyjer Motivation – Jose Raymond gives one hell of an epic speech about hard work vs hardest work. It’s the perfect kick in the ass for a Friday to get you motivated over the weekend. Check it out above.

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