“Blood, sweat, and respect. Earn it. Daily.”

It seems like everyone has a YouTube channel these days – but when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced that he would be starting his own YouTube channel less than a year back… it was something exciting. High produced videos and an intimate look into the life of muscle super star The Rock? That’s a joy not only for movie fans but also fitness fans as well.

So has The Rock been putting out some great content? We’ll go ahead and say yes. One highlight being one of his most recent videos that goes in depth with a hardcore motivational workout – what he calls “The Ultimate Workout.” That phrase is used a lot – but when The Rock says it, you take notice.

This video just gets more intense, more sweaty, and more hardcore the deeper into it you watch. Get pumped, get motivated, and maybe even pick up a few tips with this “ultimate” workout video above.

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