Bigger by the month…

Roelly Winklaar may not be an Olympia champion – but he is surely one of the most popular bodybuilders by fan vote. Every time he walks onto the bodybuilding stage the crowd erupts in such a way that the world feels like it’s shaking. It’s truly a sight to behold.

And lately, Roelly Winklaar is becoming more and more of a bulging mass monster. He’s bringing truly freakish size and every time we see him… he looks bigger and bigger. Take a look at the video above for proof of that. This is exactly why so many fans explode when they see him.



    • Do your research on how he died and how his lifestyle was before you go talking your unknown bullshit you speak of. Rich was known to snort his preworkout for the past year. He did things unconventionally as a result that is a reason his brain and body crashed. Not cause his size

  1. Has roelly peaked? No. But what i do think he must do is focus on sculpting what he has. Lets say he comes on stage shredded like a mutha, with all that size. Damn then dare i say it but everyone is in trouble on that stage . roelly has what it takes to be Mr O. DONT count him out.


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