Roelly Winklaar showcases his physique two weeks before the Arnold Classic.

Roelly Winklaar is a living hype machine. He’s consistently become bigger and bigger year after year and his improvements have shown in his placing in the latest Mr. Olympia competition. He brings out the loudest cheers from the audience and is most definitely a fan favorite in the current crop of pro competitors.

So it comes as no surprise that news of Roelly Winklaar’s guest posing two weeks before the Arnold Classic has people clamoring and talking. While his conditioning here my cause some concern as he is only two weeks away from competing – no one can deny that his size is still mammoth. A lot can change in just two weeks, so here’s to hoping that Roelly shows up in Columbus with a physique that truly impresses… and perhaps earns him a first place victory at one of the biggest bodybuildings hows of the year.

Check out the video, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, above and make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.


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