Roelly Winklaar is an evolved beast in 2019.

We can’t stress enough the insane evolution of Roelly Winklaar over the years. While he has yet to become pitch perfect to earn a Mr. Olympia title – he has built himself up as a true fan favorite due to being the freakiest of the freaky. He has built up size that could even give Big Ramy a run for his money.

2018 was a great year for Roelly. For the first time in a while, his massive freaky size led him into an increased placing at the Mr. Olympia by landing 3rd. Could 2019 show further improvement?

Raiden Motivation has put together this truly freaky bodybuilding motivation video that matches the freaky evolution of Roelly Winklaar. Its the ultimate pump up video for fans of Roelly hoping to see even more improvement and shocking moments in the new year. Check it out above!

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