Replay Roelly Winklaar’s mass monster Olympia 2019 prejudging posing routine.

Is this the year that Roelly Winklaar finally becomes a Mr. Olympia champion? If it is it won’t be with out a fight from the other competitors. While Roelly certainly came in with some incredible size – his conditioning during the prejudging night was still slightly off. Of course, no one on stage during the Men’s Open prejudging was perfect on he level of someone like Phil Heath in his prime. But as it stands now based off the prejudging it’s a tight race between the top five fighting for the first place spot.

Roelly is certainly in the running of that top five and perhaps even the top 3 – but he will have to truly impress at tonight’s finals in order to push ahead with an edge that earn him a win over the likes of Brandon Curry and William Bonac. Hell even Hadi Choopan seems to be in the running for the top 5 despite having the stature of a Men’s 212 bodybuilder.

For those who are not in Vegas to watch the live show or was unable to watch the stream – Williams Fitness has a replay of Roelly Winklaar’s posing routine from the Olympia 2019 Friday night prejudging. Watch it above and decide if you think Roelly can pull off a victory later tonight at the finals.

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