Supercut comparing Ronnie’s recent rehab training with training videos from his prime.

Ronnie Coleman is an unstoppable beast. Despite multiple surgeries on his hips and spine, the man continues to keep bodybuilding on his mind. For better or for worse (depending on your point of view), Ronnie just wants to make sure that after he recovers the pain will be gone and he can also continue to do what he loves – train.

This supercut video by Bodybuilding Priest collects his recent video posts showcasing his rehab training and compares it to videos of his prime when he used to kill it with incredible lifts. The video serves as two reminders: one being that regardless of intensity, Ronnie Coleman will always train to improve his body. The second being a reminder that pushing yourself to the limit can lead to consequences. It’s up to you to decide whether or not that sacrifice is worth it. Ronnie still regrets nothing to this day. That’s why he continues to train hard. Whether it’s to recover after surgery or to improve his body to his own liking. That’s his choice. That’s part of why he is the greatest that ever lived. What kind of sacrifice are you willing to make? Check out the full video above

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  1. It hurts to see him like this but he is a fucking hero becouse i dont see anybody else done what he is doing and he is the only one that can motivate somebody that lost both there legs and arms to start lifting. He is the king of bodybuilding in my eyes becouse you dont have any stop in him

  2. The only thing that could break such strong genetics to walking crutches is a damn strong will like that of King Coleman’s. You either survive this beating and become a hero, or die like Dallas. There will never be another Ronnie. You can bet on that.

  3. First fight for Olympia and now fighting for life.. hahahaha…that’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger era was the best one…..still strong enough….
    Not like these injective legends….

  4. Hey. Ronnie be strong u will get well. Fast strong and Shapley. Gym and every body wish u a fast fast recovery. Bro. We no u can do it will be waiting to see u walk in the gym good and healthy


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