Ronnie Coleman butts heads with Jay Cutler at Olympia.

Rivalries always bring excitement to competition night. Just look at Kai and Phil getting into shouting matches and shoving each other on stage. The crowd goes wild. But these kind of shocking moments actually rarely occur in bodybuilding. This isn’t a contact sport. This isn’t a team sport. It’s a judged sport – so things normally stay pretty tame.

But every once and a while we get to see some sparks fly and a rivalry form. Perhaps it’s all for show or in good fun – but this video above is a perfect example of how entertaining bodybuilding can be even behind the stage. It makes sense that Triple H would be the one to heat things up between Ronnie and Jay – since that’s the entire basis for all of wrestling entertainment – now if only this kind of stuff could happen more often in modern bodybuilding (not too much though).

Check out Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler tearing into each other backstage of Olympia 2004 above. Do you want to see more of these kind of theatrics? Let us know in the comments below.

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