Previously highlighted Russian synthol abuser pays the price.

Not too long ago we posted about the latest synthol abuser in a long line of men addicted to synthol. This is basically an oil that can make your muscles appear larger – a substance that some may use sparingly to touch up bodyparts… but others use in an insane way to basically look like cartoon characters.

The truth is that this can be very dangerous and Kirill Tereshin is proof of that. This was a man who put so much synthol in his arms he looked like Popeye and now we are seeing, as reported by Kenny K.O., that his arms appear to have “exploded” or at the very least he required surgery due to serious health risks caused by the synthol. You can check out the entire thing (graphic imagery included – be warned!) in Kenny K.O.’s video above.

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  1. What an idiot. Dumbass didn’t think anything was wrong when it was clearly inflamed and infected and VISIBLY noticeable?! And yet would still take “Flexing” selfies! I’m laughing so hard at this lol

  2. His arms a still the same he just tied plastic bags around them he a sick idiot to use a photo of a burns victim who was in a car accident this useless excuse needs a good fist fuck

  3. What a Moron. Guess his workout career is done now for being the Moron he was. Why buddy. That’s the Million dollar question. Why bother? Why would anyone have big biceps, then have no chest, shoulders, or anything else but Arms. What’s the big deal. Then to have big discoloration on your arms to show the world, your using something. I just don’t get it. Hope he learned his lesson

  4. Stupid russians always looking for shortcuts to prove how great they are lol cheating is a big problem lately in russia so the olympic commission says. And that tool was no body builder.

  5. If it’s fake news or not … if he had them drained or they exploded …. if he’s fine and still using synthnol ……HES STILL A COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON AND HE LOOKS LIKE A PATHETIC FUCKING IDIOT !!!!

  6. On one hand, you want to laugh at synthol users for playing themselves. On the other hand, I feel like this is an issue along the lines on anorexia in the sense that it’s a body image problem. I can’t help but assume that it’s usually some dude who’s willing to to anything to get big. Except lift and diet. Idk man. Poor guy played himself none the less