Will Sage Northcutt be Drago’s son?

Not too long ago news broke out with rumored reports of Sage Northcutt being in the running to play Drago’s son in the upcoming Creed sequel. And from a pure looks perspective he might fit the bill. The best part? Sage Northcutt is actually a former bodybuilder physique competitor – before he moved onto being an MMA fighter. So he has the understanding of building a fantastic physique (much in the same way Dolph Lundgren held an impressive physique in the original Rocky IV).

Whether or not Sage Northcutt really ends up in Creed 2 is up in the air – but this video put together by Beast Ugis shows the kind of hardcore training Northcutt is putting in on a daily basis. Just looking at this video gets us excited at the idea of this man playing the new generation Drago.

Check it out above – and if you like what you see make sure to subscribe to Beast Ugis’ official YouTube channel right here.


  1. Justin Emerson men’s physique athletes are bodybuilders. They simply do not compete in the category called “bodybuilding”…tell Jeremy buendia that he doesn’t “bodybuild”…what do you refer to his workout style then? Men’s physiquing?? Give me a break


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