The most entertaining and controversial bodybuilding topics go into heated debate in our new original show – The Breakdown.

Bodybuilding continues to expand with every passing year. And this means more and more people come to walk, and more importantly, discuss the world of bodybuilding. These debates bring about controversy, which brings about change, which ultimately brings about the evolution of our beloved sport. That’s why we here at the Generation Iron Fitness Network are proud to announce our brand new show kicking off the new year – The Breakdown.

Starring Shawn Ray, Jeff Logan, and Tifanny Urrea – The Breakdown is an in depth talk show covering the most recent and trending topics in the bodybuilding world and beyond. The gloves are off as the gang talk uncensored about some of the most controversial topics in the bodybuilding world… and how pop culture, politics, and current events affect the way our sport is perceived and how it operates.

The Breakdown premieres on January 3rd, 2018 – only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network! You can watch the trailer above!

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