Shawn Ray never holds back – so what did he think of Generation Iron 2?

You’ve probably heard by now that Generation Iron 2 had it’s big premiere at the BodyPower expo this past Friday. It’s also now available for anyone to watch in limited theaters, DVD, and Video on Demand. That not only means all of the bodybuilding fans in the world can watch the next chapter in bodybuilding… it also means athletes, trainers, nutritionists, and industry professionals got a chance to see this deep dive into the industry.

One such athlete is Shawn Ray – a bodybuilder who is now known for his very blunt and honest opinions in bodybuilding current events. Shawn is known for having very controversial opinions when it comes to this stuff, so what did he think of Generation Iron 2? As you would expect – Shawn Ray did his own video review for Muscular Development which you can watch above.

Do you agree with his opinion? Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments below!

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