Shawn Ray breaks down the top contenders in the Olympia 2017 Men’s Open.

It’s hard to believe that we are less than a week away from the Mr. Olympia 2017. After months and months of waiting and mystery behind some of the top bodybuilding pros… we will finally see their physiques unveiled on the stage in Las Vegas. Will there be any surprises? Any upsets? Any mind blowing shocking twists? We’ll have to wait until this weekend. But in the meantime we have hall of fame bodybuilder and expert Shawn Ray breaking down the top Men’s Open contenders – giving us his thoughts on who will come in strong and who will come in lacking. This will be the best in depth pre Olympia analysis you can get before the actual finals go down on Saturday. Watch the video above and make your predictions in the comments!

Make sure to stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network to catch Shawn Ray give his pre Olympia analysis for Men’s 212, Classic Physique, and the rest of the divisions tomorrow. Only on!



  1. Please shut up dude, you made yourself look like an asshole when you mocked Jay cutler, and Kevin Levrone’s come backs and started talking shit about them. Well at least they had the guts to come back. Not to mention, when you started also talking about lee priest.

  2. They are all nothing but cheating roided out loser freaks! Every last one! Come on let’s bring back credibility to the sport aesthetics etc….
    Natural bodybuilding ” Vince Gironde, Steve Reeves, etc before the massive introduction of roids! The sport has become a joke. A competition of whose body can benefit most from roids!
    Long live morals fairness legal methods of bodybuilding!
    Yes we have monsters but they are NOT aesthetically pleasing to look at!!!
    In modern era bodybuilding Bob Paris was the absolute most perfectly pleasing aesthetically gifted bodybuilder even though he did roids he keep it within reason……


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