Pittsburgh Pro 2019 superstar pose off showcases a massive Shawn Rhoden.

This weekend held the Pittsburgh Pro 2019 which is best known for the superstar guest posing – bringing some of the biggest bodybuilding competitors into one room – a sight unseen beyond the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia. Of course, these guys are all offseason – so what we’re seeing during this guest posing are bulked up massive versions of the best bodybuilders currently competing.

What’s most interesting is seeing Shawn Rhoden’s offseason physique. He’s looking truly MASSIVE and it’s already sparking a lot of fans to talk. Yes, it’s impossible to decide what he will look like in September based off his offseason physique… but that doesn’t stop the fans from speculating.

Check out clips from the Pittsburgh Pro 2019 guest posing compiled by Fazi Fitness above – including the ultimate pose off at the end!

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