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Will Shawn Rhoden dethrone Phil Heath at the finals?

During the press conference for the Olympia 2018, Shawn Rhoden confidently said that he was only here because he did his homework on Phil Heath and mastered a way to defeat him this year. He also called out Phil Heath’s weak spots and claimed that he would use them to undermine the current champion and become the NEW champion. Of course, the press conference is all about hype – but Rhoden did something miraculous and actually lived up to his words from the press conference.

Phil Heath still looks as on point as ever (though not the best physique of his career like he claimed he would bring). Shawn Rhoden on the other hand looks like he might have the best physique of his life on stage this weekend. Is it enough to take down Phil Heath? We’ll only know for sure during the finals tonight – but as Shawn Ray put it during the Friday night judging and callouts – Shawn Rhoden is winning from the front and Phil Heath is winning from the back.

They will both need to make adjustments for tonight to get the upper hand. Which one will ultimately succeed? We’ll know soon enough.

Check out this video compilation put together by Williams Fitness showcasing the press conference, posing round, and comparison round of Shawn Rhoden vs Phil Heath above.

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