Fan criticism from last year angered Shawn Rhoden enough to come back with a vengeance… and win.

Shawn Rhoden shocked the world with what just might be his best physique ever at the Olympia 2018. Not only that, but it comes just one year after he landed fifth at the Olympia 2017 competition. So what happened? How did he go through one of the biggest and best changes of his life?

In somewhat of a jesting moment – he blamed the fans. To put it short, the fans’ harsh criticism of his physique last year gave him the anger and motivation to do something about it. In his own words, “They pissed me off.” Now of course, the goal of winning Mr. Olympia is big enough motivation in itself. And it’s not like Shawn Rhoden wasn’t trying. But sometimes it’s that little extra push that can go a long way. Check out the video above!

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