Psycho Fitness thinks that Phil Heath has been mentally defeated and will never recover.

Shawn Rhoden’s trainer, Psycho Fitness, jumped on a video call with Dennis James to talk about Phil Heath’s actions and comments after losing the Olympia 2018. Specifically, he is reacting to the one on one long form interview we did with him a few weeks ago. To put it short, Psycho Fitness thinks Phil should stop talking.

“You can’t talk away the past” is the key sentiment that Psycho Fitness put forth while talking to Dennis James. But more importantly, Psycho Fitness thinks that Shawn Rhoden has mentally defeated Phil Heath and that he will “never recover” from that mental beating.

Dennis James believes that 2019 will show the true character of Phil Heath. Will he return to take back the title or stay off the stage? That will give even more insight into Phil Heath’s mindset – but as of right now it’s all up in the air. Check out the video compiled by Fazi Fitness above!

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