Forget about Mr. Olympia or massive size. Are these the most dry and shredded bodybuilders out there today?

The best bodybuilders find a way to balance their massive size and lean shredded muscle. It’s a challenging thing to do – which is why these guys are rare and the best. But let’s forget about Men’s Open style mass monster size for a second. This video by Bodybuilding Fanatic showcases some of the leanest, driest, and most shredded bodybuilders currently out there today. We’re talking 1% body fat type guys. Do you think they are really the most shredded bodybuilders? Watch the video above and let us know in the comments!



  1. The fact is there’s still visceral fat you can’t see it and no 1% nor 2% is not realistic. What we can said is that guy nailed his condition and as almost “no” water under his skin (subcutaneous) that’s it…

  2. Once again (for the second day in a row).. you guys post some stupid shit, and don’t know a damn thing about bodybuilding. That goes for anyone that believes this also.
    1% body fat is impossible with a beating heart.

  3. Not 1%. Maybe 3-5. Unfortunately if you want to be competitive that’s where you need to be. Well at least out here in CA. I have never been below about 9%. lol probably. Why I never get 1st place lol. It’s not the 80’s people you gotta be shredded to be competitive.

  4. A dead body has 1 percent body fat…..theoretically……a person with 1 percent body fat shall get in comma in 15 to 20 min as brain will not get enough energy for cognition and motor function

  5. Been around this shit for a long time and yes when they are pre-contest they are basically dying on the inside but they’ve built themselves up so far beyond that they can withstand the torture. It is incredibly hard on the body and Incredibly unhealthy for the body as well which is why I get older I think this is fucking stupid everyday

  6. 4% , 3% is dangerously low. It’s attainable, no doubt, but you can’t stay this lean for too long, your organs will suffer. competitive bodybuilders don’t stay in their contest condition for more than a few days, then its back to carb loading.


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