Kenny K.O. breaks down what kinds of physiques are possible while staying all-natural.

The natty or not debate has gone one for years. Whenever there is a massive bodybuilder who claims to be all natural… many bodybuilding fans are quickly ready to label him as a liar… stating things like, “It’s impossible to look like that while natural!” That’s where Kenny K.O. is coming in with his own two cents.  He wants to end the debate once and for all by explaining what is truly possible to achieve while staying all natural. Check out his video above to find out!

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  1. Another type of “natty”, one who uses for a few years then stops completely. Gets back into training and just keeps going for fun and ends up pretty jacked and no one will believe that person is not currently using.

  2. All depends how high you’re natural test levels are. You can train as hard as you want but if you have low test levels you’re not going to put on any muscle. Once you get into your 30s ur natural test levels plummet.

    • Natural usually references those who are not actively using or have used PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) in the past. PEDs include anything taken extrinsically that is not found naturally occurring in food or made in a lab that alters the human body. Examples of PEDs include various hormones, the typical steroids, drying agents, inhibitors, and agonists. Things found in foods or plants like creatine, bcaa’s, and protein powder are considered natural.

  3. Ohearn is only a quarter natty on his grandma’s side…But seriously- its all genetics as far as what you can do naturally. Its like asking what is the fastest you will ever be able to run a 100 yards…


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